Many people decide on a career path early in their lives and keep to it. This, they argue, leads to a more satisfying working life. To what extent do you agree with this view? What other things can people do to try and have a satisfying working life?

Some people believe that a career decision at an early age is one of the best decisions an individual has to make for the rest of their life because this would lead to delightful life. Personally, I believe that a career path is not something that someone would choose perfectly on the first try so they will have to try several jobs to indicate what would make the happy. Firstly, young people’s lack of competence could be one of the most important parts of this disagreement. People’s decisions at early ages tend to be more imaginary and emotional. Although there is a plethora of youngsters who had chosen their occupations and lead a happy life, this kind of decision cannot be generalized to everyone. Thus the completion of mental age is one of the reasons that could help people make a proper career decision. Not only a valuable career path can help people to achieve a satisfying life, but also there are several activities they can do to have a pleasing job experience. People should participate in related courses to improve their job skills. Therefore their confidence would gain and eventually they would get a promotion. The confidence would build a great feeling of healthy competition in the workplace which is perfect to become the best version of themselves. These promotions and so on are the reasons why an employee is satisfied with their jobs. In conclusion, since we want a pleasurable life, it is more beneficial to have career path decisions after plenty of research and trying different jobs.
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