Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The knowledge we gain from our personal experiences is more valuable than the knowledge we gain from books. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Do not use memorized examples.

Our ancestors always said that personal experiences are the biggest gift for individual development. Our mistakes give us experiences, and these experiences give us the knowledge to tackle life situations. I totally agree with the statement that the expertise we gain from our personal experiences is more valuable than the expertise we gain from books. In a subsequent essay, I am going to give my two reasons for the same. Firstly, personal experiences realize the actual value of something. Whatever we do in our life, either a mistake or a good thing teaches us a lesson. Moreover, these lesson helps us to recognize the importance of that thing in our life that we cannot get from books. Books only give us the idea about value, but experiences realize the value. My personal experience is a great example of this. Being the youngest member of my family, everyone treated me with extra care and love. I got everything on just one demand. Due to this, I never valued anything. But once I went to an orphanage there, I saw children valuing the thing they have. That wisdom helped me to realize how to value. For this reason, I believe that personal experiences give us the qualities that we can’t get from books. Secondly, experiences give us the right direction for solving a problem. We all make mistakes and then learn from them. Every mistake gives us a new understanding, and that helps us to choose the right path. Drawing from my own experience. Last year, I got tricked into an online money scam. Due to this, I lost a lot of money. Furthermore, I gathered all the information about the actions to be taken and how to protect ourselves from these scams. After some time again, this scam happened, but as I learned from my previous experience, I protected myself. It is certainly, clear that the insight we gain from experiences helps us to tackle life issues. In conclusion, I believe that books just provide us an overview or learning of that term, but experience provides us a path to go through that term easily. So, I think the best lessons of our life come from our personal experiences.
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