Imagine you could improve the town where you live by changing one important thing about it. Which of the following would you choose to do? • Build additional parks • Construct more libraries • Improve public transportation Use specific details and examples in your answer. Do not use memorized examples.

The best way to return back to my town is by contributing to its development. I would prefer to construct more libraries in my town that will help a lot in its improvement. In a subsequent essay, I am going to give my two reasons for the same. Firstly, building more libraries will help financially unstable people to get free study material. Libraries are a good source of study material. People with unstable income backgrounds can easily access study material. Moreover, it will help them to achieve a good career. My personal experience is a great example of this. A few years ago, I was preparing for the administrative services exam. My financial condition at that time was not good. Due to this, I was unable to buy books for my preparation. My town doesn’t have a library. Because of a lack of study material, I can’t qualify for the exam. If libraries were available to me at that point, then I would have qualified for it. For this reason, I would construct libraries in my town. Secondly, libraries provide a peaceful environment for study. Most of the people in my town live in a joint family. Therefore, they didn’t get a peaceful space for study. However, libraries provide a good space for study. Drawing from my own experience. I lived in a joint family and because of that, I didn’t get a peaceful environment for study in my home. Due to this, I always got fewer marks in my exams. My town had only one library, and it always remained full. If town would have more libraries, then these issues would not be there at that time. It is certainly, clear that constructing more libraries will provide more space for sitting. In conclusion, I believe libraries provide us with easily accessible study material as well as a good space for studying. So, I would choose to construct more libraries for the improvement of my town.
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