Some people think that newspapers are the best way to get news. However, others believe that they can get news better through other media platforms. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some people argue that gaining the news from newspapers is the most efficient way, while others prefer some other media forms. It is a highly contentious issue that depends on several aspects; However, I believe that the arguments for getting information from media formats are stronger. On the one hand, it is the newspaper that some people have found the most helpful way to seek information. Firstly, it is the old-fashioned yet popular way among most senior citizens who still like to read written papers, considering it a favorite form of reading habit. Secondly, a newspaper is a trustworthy source of receiving information written and revised by journalists and editors of authentic and legitimate newspaper companies. Finally, newspapers are, to some extent, cheaper and more accessible for the population with poor welfare and low Internet access, such as in some African countries. On the other hand, media platforms play a more prominent role in getting the news. Modern technologies bring about several formats including social media, websites, and TV channels which are more informative, more interesting, and in any place at any time. First and foremost, a variety of websites and applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, provide data from numerous sources of all the press around the world. In my opinion, it leads to not only receiving information according to the audience's choice but also giving some straight comments by leaders and politicians. Thus, this method is more comprehensive and communicative than newspapers. Moreover, such media make up of perceptible photos, videos, and interactive chats which make it more attractive to people, especially youngsters. Last but not least, from my perspective, in the era of technology, a vital part of an individual's life ties up with smartphones. As a consequence, readers can easily have online access to the news via the Internet anywhere and anytime, compared to the former models, newspapers. In conclusion, although some people have a preference for following the news in newspapers rather than other types of media, I attach more importance to gathering information from websites and applications I desire to read from.
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