People now have the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world due to the development of communication technology and transportation. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

It is a well-established fact that nowadays because of the progress in the way of communication technology and transportation, people feel free to travel around the world for living and their job. As far as I am concerned, the advantages regarding this issue are far more than the disadvantages due to two reasons mentioned below which are gaining more experience by oneself and causing positive effects on the target society. In the first place, a primary benefit of immigration to another country is that a person puts himself through new situations by, for example, getting to know more nations and visiting more places, which result in meeting with various circumstances, and according to this, he is able to evaluate his personality and strength in order to deal with possible problems. While one drawback of this comment would be homesickness which as many people argue that it is only for the first few months, from my point of view, if a person could successfully break through his temporary feelings he would make good things out of it. For example, thanks to several ways of communication technology that are improving day by day, people can have online video calls on the Internet with their relatives and loved ones. Therefore, they can feel more at home and less homesick. Additionally, I take the view that immigrants from all over the world can bring about a large number of different cultures to a host country which comes up with many ideas and tastes leading to a productive society whether to social behaviors or to economical business. Although it was a heated debate in the past that neither would newcomers tend to desirably draw upon the new location they got in nor would inhabitants will to exchange their properties and belongings with them, over the time, by means of advancement in globalization, any country welcomes the tide of not only tourists but also immigrants who get around to sharing their likes and interests with others. On the other hand, this may cause to get the cultures worldwide mixed which is somehow allowed for as a downside whilst I believe that the philosophy of the humanities is teaching and learning from each other. To sum up, the fact that people would like to pursue a new life in other countries more than ever on account of the improvement of technology consists of merits and demerits which, in my idea, the formers prevail over the latter ones owing to person's prosperity individually and growth of the society in general as well.
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