A big salary is much more important than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree?

Although some people come up with the idea that earning a high income carries much weight for a career, I am of the opinion that a sense of satisfaction plays a much more essential role in a successful job. In order to expand this view, the two following reasons could be factored in, such as the increase of creative staff and the development of lucrative business. First and foremost, only when employees work in a friendly and peaceful environment where they like to be can their efforts be taken into account by themselves and their bosses. From my point of the view, at the job which a person deals passionately with and goes successfully through, he or she can impressively flourish which results in a paramount driving force for a somewhat innovative mind to make things involved in their responsibilities better and improve on active performance. In addition to the previous reason mentioned, I argue that having a sense of fulfillment in a job is the cornerstone of bringing about a prosperous business that can make up job opportunities with higher wages. It would be a well-established fact that how more convenient the job position is for personnel to get into fewer financial issues the company has to be faced with. Hence, such an organization, in which its workers are satisfied with their situation, can earn more money and, as a result, can pay more generous salaries to them. The bottom line is, despite the fact that a big salary would be important, I strongly believe that job satisfaction is an integral part of an individual’s life to feel happy, valuable, and pleased.
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