Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

With growing technology and moving along the globalized world, some universities and institutes are replacing face-to-face classes with online classes as an alternative option. I personally believe this action brings about both positive and negative impacts on students and their learning process. On the one hand, online courses give some opportunities and have some advantages that can increase the quality of learning. Firstly, some students have tight schedules or do part-time jobs, so they may not have the ability to attend all classes and listen carefully. As a result, online courses by providing flexible access time to courses, help students not miss any lesson. Secondly, by attending online courses students can save time and money. For example, students do not have to spend lots of time going to class by public or personal transportation, also some online courses are cheaper than face-to-face classes. On the other hand, the classes that are delivered on campus have some benefits that online classes are not capable to have them. For instance, in face-to-face classes, there can be an interaction between teacher and students and discussion about lessons that is very helpful in process of learning. Moreover, there are some problems with the internet, students’ devices, microphones, etc. that cause a decrease in learning. Also, sometimes there is a possibility that class recordings get lost, furthermore, the teacher may have to record those again. In conclusion, while online classes have some considerable beneficial effects on the learning process, I personally believe we should not forget the disadvantages of this method that can be harmful in the long term run.
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