Caring for children is probably the most important job in any society. Because of this, all mothers and fathers should be required to take a course that prepares them to be good parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

There is a view that claims raising and caring for children might be the most important job in all societies. I completely agree with this idea, and I believe that teaching parental methods to young couples results in personal and social improvements. Some reasons can encourage young couples to learn the way of being good parents. By teaching future parents how to care for their children, they will not be confused when facing a problem regarding their baby. It is really dangerous if parents do not know how to react when their newborn throws up or when something sticks in their baby’s throat. In addition, parents can be aware of the latest methods of raising children by taking parental preparation courses. There are new ways of caring for children that young parents can learn from these classes, and even their own parents do not know about them. For example, some parents severely punished their children in the past; however, this approach is not correct anymore. There are some social improvements if future mothers and fathers attend parental preparation classes. These educated parents can raise better children and teach them to be more responsible, honest, organized, and loyal. As a result, this society will be full of good citizens, and the crime rate will decrease significantly. Besides, if parents know the consequences of specific behaviors on children, they will care about their words and attitudes with their babies. These parents raise psychologically healthier children because numerous adulthood mental disorders are generated in childhood. In conclusion, teaching future parents is beneficial for parents, children, and society, and providing these courses is a good idea.
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