some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. discuss both these views.

People have different view whether children should teach to be effective person of society by their parents or by the school. While parents have significant impact on breeding children, I believe school has crucial role in teaching children to be a good member in society. On the one hand, parents effect hugely in their children moral and so their future role in society for multiple reason. Firstly, the golden age which influence children behavior and personality made until the age of 6, that children spend most of their time with their parents. Secondly, parents usually are role model for their child so they try hard to mimic from their act and attic. And finally, we can not consider the great impact of inherit and DNA. On the other hand, school is another important place where children learn many things. After a certain age they spend most of their time in schools with their teachers and classmates. Then, they will reach to the age when they comprise and analyze the information from school and home. So, I believe it is true we can't choose our parents but if government stablishes schools where they not only learn lessons but also important moral issue like self-confidence, thinking, be kind and hardworking, the young generation will turn in to effective part of society whether they have good parents or not. In conclusion, I can understand why people might think parents are important in training their child, but it seems to me that school are more effective than them.
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