Some people think that newspapers are the best way to get news. However, others believe that they can get news better through other media platforms. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have different opinions in terms of obtaining news. Some people believed that newspapers have been considered the most reliable news source for more than decades and it still holds the most vital position among news readers. However, these days modern technology has been developed which is provide various items and platforms to receive information. In my view, the internet has become increasingly dominant and popularized in order to the features it offers. Initially, newspapers are still well-known to old-fashioned people who obtain data traditionally in order to the reliable sources that newspapers present. Newspapers are trustworthy sources of receiving information due to checking and editing all the contents by fact-checkers and editors. Inappropriate images, incorrect data, wrong spelling, or comments are totally unacceptable in publishing houses. On the other hand, I believe that there are more well-features offered to people who read news through online sources due to the non-stop progress of the technology industry. The main option is, reading news on social media is far accessible nowadays. With the presence of the internet around the world, people can easily access a huge amount of news with their portable cell phones. Online sources drive people to use other platforms such as websites, news applications, YouTube, Twitter, etc. can access any news from all over the world in terms of updating speed. Furthermore, other features that the internet presents us are conveying visual messages, voice records, and uploading videos on online platforms which is a new experience for news readers. In conclusion, both media have precious points for various options that each of them represents. It seems to me that online sources are widespread. Due to high availability, more and more people will be drawn to use online media to obtain updating news.
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