Some people think movies should only be for entertainment. Others think that they should also have educational values.

People have different view about that movies just are entertaining tools as opposed to it has a teaching responsibility. Personally, I believe that movies can be a hobby and watching that can be consider as a leisure activity but it can also have a great impact on viewers. There are several reasons why I would argue against implying movies just as a fun tool. Firstly, our eyes and ears are the first organs of our body through ancient time which receive data and send to our brain. So, by watching movies we see and hear many continuously pictures that affect our thought and we can't deny its impact. Especially in young generation, which are the good samples, that haw they learn so fast through social media. like after watching fight club actually this club happen in realistic. Secondly, the stars of movies are idol for their fan. So, surly the way they thought, their clothes will impact on their viewers. For example, when Leonardo DiCaprio for one of his movies change his accent, lot of his fan mimic his way of speaking. Finally, if none of the above reason can satisfy you, just consider the big and successful company which advertise in movies industry. They are overly aware of cinema massive effect and they annually cost millions of dollars for advertising which surely will be backed as soon as possible. For some famous movies like fast and furious many companies compete with each other to obtain its advertising. In conclusion, I would argue that movies have an important effect on our society and producer must consider their crucial role.
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