Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Eating at a restaurant is a good way to save time and get delicious foodstuff. It is easy to find one and it is possible to discover a new world. However, the possibility of making food in your house is the best thing. In spite of the meal house not looking attractive, it has many advantages like it is cheaper than street foodstuff, the flavor is great and it is a good opportunity to control the salt. Firstly, the cost of cooking in the building is less than in restaurants, Going to the market and buying vegetable and meat look like a waste of time. Nonetheless, When someone is making a cake or a dish, he or she is doing a great action to create something, and it is them. Despite the time to elaborate on a dish is more, your wallet will be thankful to you. For example, In my dwelling, we cook usually six times per week, and Sundays we go to a food stand to eat. Although it seems a waste of money, we are saving it. Secondly, The flavor is better at the home. When everybody is younger, their parents cook for them, and the familiar seasoning makes us happiest. Also When somebody is an adult, he/she can prepare his/her snacks with a mommy's flavor. In my case, I eat all the snacks that my mommy makes me, and I learn how to prepare them and It get me a good sensation. In another hand, the importance of health in adult feed is important, when someone grows up and he or she begins an old. The history of foodstuff makes a special help for all, For example. My parent left the salt and she tries to cook with less salt for all. Although sometimes we do not like it, we are happy that my mom cares for us. In conclusion. Cooking in the home is better because the familiar environment and the taste of the food can permit us to be joyful.
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