Do you agree or disagree with the following statement. Technology has made a better place to live.

I agree that Technology has made a better place to live in the twentieth century. Although most phylosofs of modern automation don't agree with the statement, Our world  now has a lot of advantages, like: comfortable activity, health. But it should be noted that technologies have got a bed affect on noture.  To begin with, I think that a growth in 21th centure is more safety and comfortable than activity in other previous centuries.  We have a lots of useful atechnologies, which we are using day in day out. For example, we can cook foods with oven in our warm and light flat when people in Middle Ages, as usual, cook on a fire outside.  Also, we have a good health, medicine, care of peopale. Modern human can live more than 80 years. For example, contries, where machinery level is high, like Japan, the UK, and the USA, heart lenght is long. Maybe, there have some correlation: the better technologies the longer humans' growth.  I believe that machinery can improve our soul, but they have some troubles with it. The most important trouble is climat changing.  Recovering of oil and gas, coal and other fossil fuels have a bad ecological effect on our lifes.  As my growth changes, my meanings of technologies changes too. For the present heart automation are making a better place to live.
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