: Some people prefer working using their hands ,while others tend to use machines. Which one do you prefer? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Undoubtedly, the invention of technology and advent of machines in sundry aspects of humans' lives have fundamentally manipulated their lives. There is no shortage of doubt that when there is a great deal of chronic work force, there will be far more yielding outcomes, and enhancements. While a wide range of people might hold the opinion that working by hand is more precious and valuable, I am of the opinion that working by machines are more productive, for it saves time, furthermore, it provides employment and enhance economy. To begin with, intrinsically humans are programmed to operate up to a certain limit, while machines will demonstrate remarkable activities without limitation. Thorough economical investigation and researches carried out in 2020 in over 20 countries of the world including the most lucrative and productive ones, clearly delineates that 90% of the aforementioned countries desires to have on-time delivery and to produce more products within a limited interval of time. Especially, the most famous ones of them including Gucci, Nike, and Puma values time than anything else, for they have numerous economical contracts with multifarious other countries around the world, which on-time delivery is considered to be more crucial than anything else. Furthermore, this will massively manipulate the way economy flows in a region including imports, exports and most importantly to attract more customers. For instance, China is considered to hold the upper hand in technology and productions in all over the world. Statistics demonstrate that over 75% of Chinese companies act so punctiliously, and desires from all their employees to be more time-oriented in every aspect. Specifically, tea factory, there is a wide range of works that need to be done significantly meticulously. Starting from planting the seeds, selection process, gathering the herbs, sifting through them, purification, packing, transportation, and finally delivery to market on time needs a great deal of onerous tasks. If it is about to be done with natural work force, it will take far more time to be done, moreover it won't be able to has the quality and quantity it has, for everything has to be done with humans, and since humans get sick, tired, washed out, getting out of track, cheating, and finally a great deal of other potential. Therefore, going by statistics if it hadn't been because of machines noticeably manipulating the production process in factories and companies, there would have been significant shortages in production and delivery because of time and work force. Secondly, economical researches have shown that machines brought about significant rate of employment there. Economical investigations carried out by expert economists and market leaders in USA, China, and a wide range of European countries in the last decade highlights much more enhanced economy, for they provide employment, which leads to more production and more creativity. For example, Afghanistan, is one of the Asian developing countries, and its economy and production is being massively operated and practiced by natural work force, including carpet, dry fruit, and cereal production. Although there is a stereotype widely imputed with the case, that says hand-made crafts and outcomes are more valuable from point of quality than quantity, but Afghanistan demonstrated a great deal of unemployment in the last four decades. Generally, its economy massively relies on human force rather than machines, this way there will be works and jobs only for a limited range of people, which means it had deprived a great percentage of other people from working. Specifically, in dry fruit production, the level of work force participation in tasks will significantly rises, since machines need to be observed and controlled by many employees at the same time, for example, in the packing process, there are 3 to 5 levels for the product to be ready to be delivered, when it is done by machines, there has to be a joint collaboration of many workers at the same time to observe the process, which mean there is more work and more economical development. Overall, if the rate of technological and machinery usage rises in a specific field or region, there will be more productivity and employment. To sum up, technologies and machines made up our lives easier in any possible aspects crosses our mind, and there is no exception in economy. Since it remarkably saves time, enhances on-time delivery, provides employment and collaborates massively in the process of a constant and chronic economic development. Finally, what is more valuable than a comfortable life and powerful economy?
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