A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near community. Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of this new influence on your community. Do you agree or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

Many people have different opinions about this whether to build a large factory near community or no. Some people feel that it will bring us a lot of advantages. Whereas, some people believe that it will lead us toward many challenges. To be frank I have mix feelings opinion. In this essay I will elaborate both the drawbacks and merits, and then I will state my view. On the one hand, building a large industry will provide us lots of job opportunities and increase the quality of people’s life. To be more specific, when we have a big factory near our community along with it many hospitals, schools, restaurants, and new parks will be built. As a result people will have a prosperous life. In addition to that, we will have access to everything that saves us both money and time. To illustrate, it was almost five years ago when we lived in outback of my country. This why when we became sick, we needed to rent a car and go to city’s hospital; ever since, some large companies have been built, our region has also changed to a cosmopolitan city. Therefore, we do not need go to somewhere else to cure ourselves. On the other hand, having such large companies will create us some problems as well. First, it will pollute the air and the industry’s waste, especially; gas waste and liquid of some chemical substances will contaminate both underground and near river water. Moreover, to transfer the production and supplies by truck will increase the risk of car collision and immense traffic. My city Kabul is the compelling example. Before building many large industries, we did have any of these problems, but now we have air, water, and noise pollution, as well as mass traffic and high car accidents. Hence, if we did not have these industries near our house, we would not have all of these challenges too. In sum, base of what has been discussed and scaling between the benefits and disadvantages of building big companies near community, I am on the side of large companies to be built.
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