If you could change one important thing about your town, what would you change? Use reasons and example to support your answer.

Have you ever thought about why we have these measurably amount of addicts? Did you think how to change and return them back to the normal life? Thus, if I could change one thing in my town, I would build large libraries and pave the way for all people to continue their education freely. To begin with, I am sure that sometimes we start doing something not because we love it, but because we are not aware of risk of it; thus, to prevent a lot of ahead problems we need knowledge, and building libraries and reading books is the merely solution and way to attain knowledge. To explain broadly, reading book can help us to analyses many things, especially, good things and bad things. A friend of mine life is a compelling illustration; it was roughly two years ago while we were school student. He used to think that smoking citrates does not have any harm, but when he went to doctor and read book about it, considered that he hurt himself a lot. Therefore, if we have big libraries and everyone can read book freely, we will avoid and help many of our people from numerous challenges. Furthermore, as statistic have shown that many people especially young start working hard on street even sometimes they start immigrating illegally to another country in hope of a better life and peruse their education. To be more specific, in the third world countries we do not have the chance to study freely, and we are forced to work and leave school, university and college because we cannot afford the tuition fee. My country is a clear instance. Almost half of street workers are children under eighteen years that has left the school to work in order to afford their brothers and sisters tuition. So, the only resolution that we can pitch them in is building school, college and university that they can study without paying fee. In a word, based on what has been discussed, I have heart set on to help people and make a tremendous change in my town by building big libraries that they can gain a piece of something new, and contribute those people who cannot follow their education.
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