Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Human activity is making the earth a worse place to live. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Today, there is no denying that living conditions have drastically changed. With every passing day, the growing number of issues and the lack of proper checks and balances have made even the simplest act of breathing a challenge. I personally believe that human activity is making the earth a worse place to live. The reason why I feel this way is described in the following paragraphs. Over the years, various activities have polluted the environment which has made comfortable living a challenge for all kinds of beings. The lack of appropriate measures in place and education has led to a hazardous environment that is only growing worse with every passing moment. For instance, breathing becomes difficult in the place where I live right before the arrival of winter. This is due to the smog which is the outcome of farmers burning crops rather than disposing it off properly. The smog persists for about two months and every individual is forced to wear a mask. As the unclean air is inhaled, it irritates the throat followed by cough. The only solution is then you have to take medication and use face masks. This clearly indicates that as a result of environmental mishap on human’s part directly impacts a population at large. Moreover, major health issues are also on the rise due to the harmful activities carried out by humans. The improper disposal of garbage and the government’s lack of work in providing efficient solutions to the problems is only escalating the health problems. A great example of this is the high ratio of dengue cases in my city last year. With no measures to drain the leftover standing water from the rain or the sewage the polluted water became a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This resulted in people living nearby, getting infected ,with mosquitoes and experiencing life threatening issues. The escalating rise in the number of cases was mostly because of government’s lack of action in time. Hospitals ran out of space to accommodate the increasing number of patients. In most cases, patients were left to be treated at homes with medications. In conclusion, I strongly believe that various activities have made the planet a less pleasant place to live. Lack of education or appropriate measures to tackle a problem have only managed to escalate health problems.
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