Some people believe that when busy parents do not have a lot of time to spend with their children, the best use of that time is to have fun playing games or sports. Others believe that it is best to use that time doing things together that are related to schoolwork. Which of the two approaches do you prefer?

In this day and age, standards of living have increased due to the fast-paced development of technology and higher education of people. Accordingly, one can rarely find a family where both the man and the woman are not working full time. By the way, many children nowadays spend less time with their parents than before. How parents should spend their time with their children has been a controversial issue. Some people believe that parents should use this time to do entertaining activities with their children while others contend that this time should be used for helping children with their school assignments. I personally believe that parents should schedule this time to do the first kind of activities such as playing games or sports. To begin with, when parents use their free time as a chance to make their children happy it releases children's stress and makes them feel valued and gain self-confidence. my personal experience is a compelling example of this case. when I was an elementary school student, my father was starting his new job and was very busy to the extent that he worked more than 10 hours per day. By that time he didn't have a lot of free time to spend with me. But whenever he was free we went to a playground near our house and played football there he always encouraged me for my playing in a way that I felt like I was the best player among my peers and I was really happy to have such a supporting dad. Moreover, Since children spend most of their time at school away from their families they need a place to get relaxed and get comfortable away from educational concerns. In this way, they can stay in a better state of mind and probably learn more efficiently at school. However, if parents use their free time to force children to do schoolwork, they always feel that they are at school this could affect their mental health so that they can't do their best at school. For instance, during middle school, I had a friend named Ali whose parents worked for long hours at a hospital and didn't have much free time. Since they were very concerned about Ali's future they always spent their free time helping him with his assignments and pushing him through studying more regardless of the fact that their son need enjoyment and entertainment. To summarize, I think parents who dont have not much free time to spend with their children should use their time to make a happy memory with them and by playing sports or games with children this can happen more effectively than only helping them with their schoolwork.
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