How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer

People go to watch a movie in their free time or to relax themself, the movies to be watched are mostly preffred based on individual's mood. So talking about the feedback or influence of the movie completly depends on person to person. The subject of the movies matter alot as they convey some messages to the audience. Now a days, movies or television or social media is a hub that has enrouted a person's life and has a great impact. Saying that the movie industry has grown in wider range, comming up with all the different source of ideas and tallent. It depends on an individual how s/he takes a lesson from a movie. for eg. two friends go and watch a emotional movie, one friend gets the emotional attachment and understands the persons feelings in a movie and can co-relate some of his experiences in his life. whereas the second person watching a movie can take it as a source of entertainment and does not get emotional as he cannot relate anything of his life to the movie.
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