Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible. Other young adults prefer to live with their families for a longer time. Which of these situations do think is better?

For young adults, it is a big decision whether they will separate themselves from their families at all. Even though the decision must be made after a sufficient discussion with the family members, I recommend young adults should stand on their feet as soon as possible. I will explain the reason from two different perspectives, personally and socially. From a personal perspective, young adults can become more mature when they become independent from their families. First of all, they need to be more diligent than before. They should do all the house chores for themselves, including making food, doing laundry, and cleaning up the house as well as their own job, studying, or working at the office. This will let them learn how to manage their time effectively. Also, they can be more cautious about their spending. They do not have any allowance money from their parents but they have to pay all the costs for a living, including housing, food, and clothing. Naturally, they can learn the flow of money and be conscious of their spending. This way, young adults become more responsible than before as a breadwinner or house maker and become more careful about what they are doing. Besides, young adults' independence can contribute to the economic development of the community. When they stay within the family, they are just passive consumers. Most financial transactions are made within the capacity of their parents. As soon as they separate from the family, however, they will become both active workers and consumers. Young adults should seek for jobs to become financially independent. It will add more laborers to the job markets so as to increase more human sources in the industry. Also, they become distinctive consumers for the markets where new consumers mean increased profits. The rising numbers of workers and consumers will contribute to the economic prosperity of the community. In summary, young adults' independence from their families is beneficial to themselves and the community. They become more mature than before by taking on more responsibilities for taking care of themselves. Also, their separation from the family means adding human sources to the job market and increased consumption for economic development.
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