Is it better to work on a project in a group or to work by yourself? Give reasons or examples from your life, events, etc.

Every individual has a different nature when it comes to working on a task or a project. Some might prefer to work independently, whereas others consider working in a group. In my opinion, it is better to work in a group than work all by yourself on a project. The reason why I feel this way is described in subsequent paragraphs. To start with, working in a group is less stressful than working alone. In a group, the work is broken down into small tasks and everyone has to play their part. It becomes easy to work and saves your time from carrying the burden of the entire project from researching to organizing information. For example, during my last year at the university, I had to work on a science project in a group of five. Every group member was assigned a different role that helped in completing the project before the deadline. I was assigned the task of working on the conclusion. I spent ample time in the library going through books and the internet to find the material I was looking for. In the end, I managed to write an exceptional conclusion without any stress. The result of working in a calm environment was that our project stood out in the class and was awarded an A+ grade. Furthermore, you are more likely to find support in a group. Rather than degrading any member for the lack of ability, group members ensure that everyone stands united and works as a team. A great example of this is when during a research project in my final year at university, I was facing problems with entering the data in the SPSS. I informed my group members about the issue. Rather than judging me for my lack of skills, they helped me in overcoming the obstacle and encouraged me to ask for their help whenever needed. I realized, if I were to work alone on the research project, I would have wasted time in finding the solution or asking for help. My experience taught me how working in a group is beneficial than working all by yourself. In conclusion, group work leads to promising results. Apart from practical outcomes, working in a group improves your communication skills. Some key factors that help in accomplishing the task more efficiently are the support you have and the opportunity to learn.These elements one can encounter when working in a group.
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