Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People can't be happy with what they have; they always want something new or different. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is human nature to always look at someone else's plate than to be content with what's on our plate. This behavior, in recent times, has significantly become more exaggerated due to the apparent rat race. I personally believe that people can't be happy with what they have. They are always craving something different and new. The reason why I feel this way is described in the following paragraphs. To begin with, today, the time we live in has become more competitive than it was in the past. That means every individual is in a competition to garner praise or attention. The need to become the talk of the town has left many to make changes. These changes are either in the form of buying something new or trying something different without giving a thought or two about the consequences. For instance, I was also a part of this race, several years ago. I pestered my parents to gift me the latest model of the iPhone as my graduation gift. This need to have the iPhone arose because my best friend had it. The latest model had these advanced features like the enhanced camera lens that enabled users to capture high-quality pictures in the dark. Without considering the cost and the fact that it was well out of my parent's range, I still continued to request them. However, I regained some sense when my sister informed me that buyers had to pay a whopping tax amount. This information allowed me to think hard and long about whether the latest technological advancement was worth all the money. After consideration, I decided against buying the iPhone and later discovered the mobile I was already using had hidden features that I hadn't explored before. Taking from this incident, it reflects how we humans are always thinking of staying ahead without being content with what we already have, Furthermore, another reason why people are always looking for more is because of the way things are marketed. The goal of marketing is to attract viewers and compel them to buy products that might as well be out of our range. For example, one day, while ironing my clothes, I saw an ad for an electric eyebrow hair remover. The presenter described how the remover eliminated the need to go to a beauty parlor every month and spend money. All you need is the electronic device and you will be saving an extra visit to the parlor every month. The ad and the features of the remover immediately grabbed my attention and without waiting I ordered the device. However, after a few months of buying the device, I found it wasn't as convenient to use as the presenter had described. On top of that, there wasn't even a guarantee. The incident taught me that what might seem appealing on screen is far from what we see in reality. In conclusion, people are always on the lookout to buy anything new or try something different that is well likely to be out of their range or might not be useful. Therefore, to prevent consequences, we must learn to be content with what we have.
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