Some believe that showing people happy pictures (pictures in which outstanding achievements are made in helping the poor) is more effective in encouraging them to take action to solve poverty than sad pictures ( that show how hard life can be for the poor). Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Volunteering to help the needy has become a widespread task in recent times. With the advancement in technology, it has become easier to show people through social media the impact of helping the poor. Sharing pictures that depict the happiness the needy feel when aided with their requirements, in turn, motivates more people to volunteer. I feel this way for several reasons which I will explore in my essay. To begin with, the government and various institutions now provide incentives to the people to encourage them to partake in social causes so that society can benefit economically as paid labor would not be required for the task. An individual is allowed to choose which cause they want to support, however they are required to put in a minimum amount of hours in it to get the incentive. Since people only do it for their own gain, they tend to choose non-profit organizations which come off as more fun and happening. My personal experience is a compelling example of the same. During my college days, the professors in my department made volunteering compulsory for all to achieve more credits. My friends and I thought it would be an exciting activity to do together, which is why we leaned towards organizations that looked happy. We cared more about the benefits we would gain through the activity and not about how it would help others. Secondly, many youngsters nowadays suffer from social anxiety and when combined with a need to help people, it becomes a slightly scary task to meet people they have never met. Therefore, these people find it easier to volunteer at places that look happy. It motivates them to try their hand at meeting new people while helping them. For instance, one of my friends who suffered from social anxiety during college was terrified that she had to take up volunteering to gain extra credits. She refused to do it. Eventually, to motivate her I showed her happy pictures of people helping the needy which motivated her to do the same. In conclusion, it is very important to share happy pictures to encourage others to help the lower class. This is because many people volunteer for their own happiness and it eases the ones who are scared to try their hand at it.
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