Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most of the biggest problems in the world will be solved in the next few decades. Use details and examples to support your answer.

Life in this world is becoming worst day by day. In next few decades, there will be no good place available for the people to stay peacefully. I completely disagree with the statement that in the next coming decades, the biggest problems of the world will be solved. In the subsequent essay, I am going to give my two reasons for the same. Firstly, the world is suffering from global warming. As the development in technologies is going on, this problem of global warming is not going to be solved soon. Every country together trying to get a solution, but they are unable to find one. For instance, in the United nations general assembly, it was decided that every country has to reduce their carbon emission by 25% but none of the countries are taking action in favor of this decision. Reducing carbon emission will reduce global warming and also provides good air quality. For this reason, I believe that this problem of global warming is going to be very critical in next few decades. Secondly, the world is suffering from the drinking water crisis. Water is a very important element of life. Due to water pollution and excess wastage of water, people are suffering from a crisis of drinking water. 97% of the earth is covered with water but only 2% of water is actually available for drinking. This carelessness shown by the people of the world in using drinking water will be the reason for world war – III. For example, a place in Maharashtra where there is a deficiency of water and people have to drink polluted water for their survival this situation is going to spread in every place of the world and no strict actions were taken to solve this water crisis problem. So, it is certainly clear that with time this problem is going to increase a lot. In conclusion, global warming and water crisis are the biggest issues in the world. In current scenarios, I believe that it is impossible to solve these issues in the coming few decades.
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