Loyalty is the most important quality in choosing a friend

I do not believe loyalty is the most important quality when it comes to choosing a friend. when I think of the single most important attribute I want a friend to have, it would be honesty. I need to be able to trust my friends and I need to believe that they’r">they’re going to be honest with me. that honesty includes telling me when i’m wrong. if I make a mistake, or if i’m making choices that my friends don’t agree with, I need to know that they’r">they’re going to be honest and bring it up to me. I want my friends to challenge me and make me better, and if they’r">they’re too worried about appearing “disloyal” to do that, then I don’t think the friendhsip is very healthy. if my friends aren’t blindly loyal to me than their support is all the more meaningful. it means they critically looked at my actions and have chosen to stand behind me rather than telling me i’m right just because we’re friends. it makes their support more valid. I also believe that people need to fight their own battles. Say, for example, my best friend and I have a third friend in common who i’m not too fond of. if loyalty were the most important thing to me, I may try to sway my best friend to also start dislking the third friend or even stop associating with them. I don’t think that’s a fair thing to ask a friend to do, but I’ve certainly seen that type of control in different real life friendships. I think sometimes loyalty can lead to a sort situation where people can stop thinking for themselves and start acting as a unit and while I think it’s important to have a sense of community, you also want to keep your individuality. if everyone thought the same we would never learn from one another, and I think one of the greatest gifts of friendship is exposing each other to new things and ideas. I don’t want my friends to be loyal to me just because that’s what they think friendship is. I want them to choose to be loyal when they are truly moved to do so and I want to be able to trust them enough to honestly express themselves and tell me when they think i’m wrong. I certainly would have enough respect for them and the friendship to do the same.
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