Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access too much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some people believe that the invention of internet has had a negative effect on our civilisation. However, I believe invention of internet is the best thing happed to the humans because internet has improved communication, internet has enable education to everyone, it has also improved work from home. To begin with Internet has a really huge impact in the communication system these days, before the introduction of internet we have to write letters which used to take a lot of time in case of some emergency and urgent work. Because of the introduction of internet we can email someone which will we delivered to them within seconds. Now we can keep in touch with our loved once over social media which was not possible if internet did not exists. For example, There was a news on TV that due to social media a child was able to find her parents. Secondly, Internet has helped to improve upon our education system a lot, In old days when internet was not present people use to travel miles for the education and in case of rural area where education was not present they have to suffer upon there education. But internet have changed the way of education system now everyone can learn anything from internet, With the help of certain website on internet you can complete you degree from abroad by leaning online. For example, I need to lean a framework for my project in my university instead of paying and leaning offline I opted to use youtube to lean free and at my pace. Third, Internet has improved the culture of work from home. I case of Covid when we were not able to keep in contact with anyone only Internet helped us to work from home and earn money while staying home only. For example, My friend was very anxious about the house loan he need to pay during Covid but work from home helped him to pay his loan. In conclusion, Internet helps you to communication well, helps you to improve upon your education and helps you to work from home. For these reason, I believe invention of internet is the best thing happed.
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