Governments should spend a lot of money exploring outer space

I agree that our goverment shoud put more money onto the explore of outerspace. The importance of exploring outerspace is remarkable.For instance, it has brought us advanced technology such as setalites, mordern communication , and the forecast of weather.setalite allows us to enjoy the security and convenience brought by GPS, while mordern communicated technique enables people to keep in touch with their friends and relatives far away.Weather forecasting lets us monitor the real-time condition of typhoons ,which we encounter a lot each year and without modern technology in weather forecast, the natural damage caused by typhoons would be hard to imagine. Another benefit of exploring outer space is that it motivates more youngesters to devote themselves in technology and engineering. As more and more people study science, our technology will improve even more.As a result , human life will become more convenient and comfortable.On the other hand, if not enough people work in science and technology, our society may lose the adventages on international competitiveness .Obviously, outer space exploring should not be ignored. As a person who uses modern technologic products a lot, internet, cellphone,and GPS are not indispensble in my life. In fact, I work in a technologic firm and sale the products of computers.Not only does technology brings me job oppoturnity, but it also delights my life. It is clear that technology plays a crucial role in our lives. In sum , the outerspace exploreing is a catalyst for the progress of human society and innovation.Both direct and indirect advantages brought by exploring outerspace outweight the negative side. So I think our government should spend as much expenditure as we could on outerspace exploreing.
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