Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer

Economic problems in Latin American nations provoke people to fall into desperation. So education is the last form that everybody has to get a better future. People go to other places for getting a new life with more opportunities. The action of going to an International college far away the home is a common strategy to escape from their country. A bachelor's degree and a Master's degree permit everybody can look for employment, and then they can send their money to their families. Firstly, the possibility of the place for giving money makes it a good option to study there. When someone is looking for a degree, they are searching for a great option, where it is possible to receive more earnings. However, the competition for being selected is hard and sometimes impossible, even so, it is a real way. For example, I am studying English because it is the principal request to earn in college. Nevertheless, after I will get the certification, I will have to demonstrate that I am the best. So the strategy is not easy for someone. Secondly, Countries like Canada or U.S has a better style of life that makes them attractive to everyone. The nations like Mexico have issues in security, health,and food. Due to narcotrafic violence, people want to run away anywhere, and the North looks like a good option. In spite of health and feed are easy to get it. The low payment does not permit a good purchase of this products. In the case of health, It is worse owing to bad government administration, so people cannot have reliable life. In conclusion, An university is a way for running away from all the bad things, and the hope to discover an employee that can help, make other nations of better places for living the rest of their lives.
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