Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? young people enjoy life more than older people do

Some people claim that older people can enjoy their life more than younger. They argue that older people do not engage in mental and physical activity, they have enough time, so they can accomplish ebullient lives. However, I totally disagree with this stance for the following three reasons. First of all, young people can accomplish their dreams at their age. And achieving a dream delights their life. Their physical and mental health are at a peak in this age. In addition, there are no physical and mental barrier which obstacles them to achieve their dream. For example, If a person who has a desire for climbing mount everest, he would do such challenging this at this age. Moreover, He can achieve his dream by taking proper training. It will be totally impossible for an old people having a desire of reaching peak at everest. It will be impossible for him at this age as well as he will not survive himself in harsh climate. So, By taking challenge and achieving this challenge will be possible for younger person than older ones. Second, young people can frequently visit their friends. They can take a tour with their friends. They are physically active in this age. For example, I meet with my friends at weekend and discuss about how he enjoys his new job. on the other hand, it is usually seen that most of the older people’s friends are either dead or physically weak like them. As a result, they cannot meet and cannot discuss each other about their lives. In addition, older people are lonely. In contrast, younger people do not have these problems. They can create friends easily and take a hang out together at their age. Finally, the younger people can eat what they really wanted. A few numbers of foods might be restricted to them. For example, a younger people do not have a concern about blood pressure and diabetes. They can consume fast food as well as sugar foods. Perhaps, the result of consuming fast food might be seen in future, or they have enough time to make up the health losses. On the other hand, health situation of older people is turned to bad very quickly for old people. They do not have enough time to cover up this health damage by exercising.
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