Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to be a follower than a leader. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Diverse culture value divergent status. Some places like Asia they prefer to be loyal follower. On the other hand countries like USA the instead fond of be leader rather than be follow. Personally speaking I think to be leader is much better than to be follower. I have several reasons to exnplain my main idea. To begin with the high status gives vast amount of opportunity. Moreover people who are leader they tend to be confident and determined. This characteristics really assist in every cases. For example my dad was executive director of the milk production company. He was really admirable person since he was disciplined and more determined compare to others. He easily soled the essential and hard issues. Afterwards when USSR is saperated into 15 countries his company was without any supply and financial support. So he in despair but because of his skills he could design new company called shoro. Now he is one of the successful people in our country. Moreover he learned extra skills by the job experience. Secondly leader possess the power to change the lives of others. They can make another person happier that ever. Good leader by helping to his stuff achieving incredible things. For example Steave Jobs he now one of the richest throughout the world. One he says that person who changed his live completely it was his boss. Who believed that his student and employer will achieve the best things. He helped with financially and mentally. Eventually his efforts was completely approved. To conclude if I would have two option chose to be leader or to be follower. I without any doubt I would like to be leader. Since by power we can change the world.
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