Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students are more influenced by their teachers than by their friends. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples

I absolutely do not agree with that the statement that student are more influenced by the teacher than their friends, and I think very people will deny this too. I am quite confident about my point for a number of reasons which I would explain in the subsequent paragraphs. The first thing I would want to state is that influence mainly comes with the time. For example, the more time I would spend with someone, the more I am going to be influenced by him/her. So in that way, I would say that in most of the cases student spend lots of their time with their friends, and in some cases like the students who live in the hostels they spend maximum time with them, even more than their own family. It means that, the person by whom they going to be influenced by most are their friends. I believe that students get more influenced by the people of their own age. And reason being is the same I mentioned earlier, the amount of time spend. The second reason is that many times students are not attached with their teachers. They do not like spending time with them because of the disciplined and straight-forward nature of teachers. They get irritated and bored by that, which ultimately leads to the gap in their relation. So, this would clearly not help them in being influenced by their teacher. The third point, being influenced by someone also require a certain amount of communication with someone. The reasons which I mentioned before will not help them in communicating with their teacher. They feel more comfortable with their friends, so they would definitely be more close to their friends than teacher. All these points would be explained by one example of my own life. During my master's dissertation because of the communication gap, and too much disciplined nature of my supervisor I was not influenced by him, even after spending the whole 6 months together. In fact, I was more comfortable and influenced while working and sharing my thoughts with my senior who was almost of my age. I always felt this generational gap between us. All in all, in my personal experience I strongly agree with the fact that most of the times students are not more influenced by their teachers than by their friends.
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