Playing computer games is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them

Undoubtedly, playing computer games is a waste of time, and children should use their free times in doing something important. There are many reasons of which I believe that they should not be allowed to play video games more than once or twice a week, and those reasons are explained further in subsequent paragraphs. First, I think that video games are addictive. If any child would play it many times, then he/she would get addicted by it, which is not good for their mental and physical development. They would try to play it every day, which can affect their mental and physical health. For example, I remember when my brother was in sixth grade, he liked this "Tekken" game a lot. He used to play this game every day like he was addicted by it, which distracted from his studies. Initially, my brother was topper but after consistently playing games, his grades reduced significantly. So, I think video games addiction can have a very bad affect on a child's education. Second, I think playing a video games can take lot of their important times, which they should spend doing something productive like reading story books, novels, painting, or playing outdoor games. Activities like reading books, and painting can help in their mental growth; outdoor games can help in their physical growth. For example, my cousin used to play basketball, and solve puzzle lot in his childhood, which increased his muscular strength as well as his IQ level. So, I think playing video games would waste their crucial time. At last, I also want to clear that, it is not really a bad idea to play computer games. Children can play them for just curiosity or fun. But making it a habit is not a good idea, and it can harm a child in many ways.
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