Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Eating is one of the biological things that humans need to solve. For decades, the day of meal creation was too much, because the Industrial process was focused on other stuff. Nonetheless, the current era provides new techniques that can help everyone. Nowadays the alimentary industries are making new products like hamburgers or tacos. Although these kinds of food are not good, people are consuming them. Owing to saving hours make it, and it is not healthy. Firstly, the current technology permits the creation of new products. The factories can produce feed that has a long period of life, thankful to the conservations. In this process, Chips, candy,and more things were created. However,their discovery late many years after, and these kinds of foodstuff made people eat more. For example, a fast snack like burger king gives the option to eat, and it consumes many minutes for finishing . Secondly, No matter if this is possible for eating, it could be dangerous for health. Fast food is not the best option in the world, due to high calories can produce an oversize in all the population, cancer or more issues in a body. Nevertheless, the time for creating our dishes is hard, and everybody is looking for a new way to be full in less time. For example, KFC is a place where someone can eat fried chicken, but it has many calories and produces cancer, and it occurs in all the fast food in the world. Finally, a meal evolves at this time like a new thing, all the people in the world can get a dish of pizza or a hamburger, and it saves a lot of seconds that everybody can use in other activities. However, it not means that it is a well-foodstuff due to this can provide cancer or other illness.
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