Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to have broad knowledge of many academic subjects than to specialize in one specific subject. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, individuals are evaluated by their knowledge. If people want to describe themselves, they inform others about their knowledge. The amount and field of knowledge is significantme, while people believe that it is beneficial for them to know about different subjects, others think that special knowledge in one field is better. In my opinion specialization in academic information is better. I have a couple of reasons. First of all, broad information in veriety of fields takes a lot of time. If people want to be infoemed in more than one branch, they have to devide thier time between all fields; so they can not spend enough time on each of these fields, as a result they are not able to be expert in each of knowledgs. It is beneficial for people to be expert iin one special science; because most companies need perfessional employee in different science. For example, a computer engineer have to know a lot in computer field to resolve computer`s problems in one company, and it is not nessecary to have knowledge in literature or environment. Additionally, human beings can not consetrate on diffrent fields effectively. individuals brain has some limitation in learning. by consetrating in broad knowledge our brain can not focus thoughly, and its capacity will decrease. To sum up, I disagree with the idea of broad knowledge of different subjects. At first, learning veriety of knowledge takes so much time, and it is a complete waste of time that prevents people to be professenal in one field that help them to improve their future carreer prospect. Also, learn difereent subjects declines humans consenration ability.
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