some people prefer interactive classes,other prefer to only listen to teacher speak.which do you prefer?use specific reasons to support your answer.

Although some students prefer just listening tothe teacher during the lectures, I opt for interactive classes. According to my 17-year studentship experience, interactive classes have some advantages compared to listen-only classes. In the following essay,I will explain two of those advantages. First of all, having any kind of course-related activity during class time encourages students to think about the subject matter. Raising a and asking a question or answering a questioning coming from the faculty member leads pupils to think and digest the affair covered. By preparing a query for inquiring a professor students need to well organize the background and need to have an idea about the basics. Thus, even the preparation of a questioning helps scholar to grasp the argument. To illustrate, last semester I took a course from the most helpful academician in my department. However, he helps the junior with one condition being no meaningful investigation to him. Thus, to ask a investigation, we needed to think twice and look at some slides before during the lectures. By doing this small search I learned a lot from his lectures. If I wouldn't have attempted to ask a inquiry to him, I had not grasped the topics well. Secondly, besides student-teacher interaction,there is also student-to-student communication in the interactive classes. Discussing the different sides of the topic and learning the idea of other pupils in the class could be beneficial to students to learn the topic. Furthermore, having activities in the class may make students happier and more eager with the materials. For example, in my high school,there was a biology teacher who frequently plays a game with us to memorize biological names. I and my classmates were so enjoyed these activities that we are still talking about the games we played. Moreover, although we forgot the special names in other lectures, we are still remembering biological terms. To conclude, interactive classes are more beneficial than noninteractive classes. Firstly, during the preparation of the interaction we may learn the topic well. Secondly, having joy in class makes the information more intact in our memories of joyful moments in our life.
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