The administrators of a university are revising their budget and have decided to change their funding priorities. As a result, the university will now spend more money on sports and athletic facilities than they do on the campus libraries. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

The university is a place where students learn, gain new friends, and play sports. However, the main purpose of universities is to assist students develop in their career. In my opinion, the university to accomplish its main purpose needs more campus libraries instead of sports and athletic facilities. First of all, the library is a place where books are stored, which makes them easily accessible for students. It is widely known books can be expensive; therefore, libraries help education be more inclusive. For instance, not everyone can afford books for classes, but they can visit a library and borrow one. Secondly, libraries are places where student can study quietly and concentrate. In universities, some students live in dormitories, where they have roommates. Therefore, it can be a struggle sometimes to do classwork if your roommate decides to listen to music. Furthermore, a library can be a meeting destination for study groups, where students share their knowledge and questions. Thirdly, a library is a place for networking. For example, if you see someone reading a book you adore, it can be an opening line for a conversation. Moreover, in university, there might be a book club, to which students can join and expand their friend circle. On the other side, sports and athletic facilities can benefit students’ health, but there are substitutes to that. For instance, instead of a basketball field, the university can offer students a track and field, which does not necessarily require special facilities. In conclusion, the university should fund a library instead of sports and athletic facilities to serve its main purpose of education, as they make books more accessible. The library can also serve as studying, and networking place. Additionally, they are less easily substitutable than sport facilities.
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