Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should require all students to gain some working experience as part-time employees or interns before they can graduate. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, the “university” is not a fresh word anymore, and people in countries all over the globe attempt to earn academic degrees as a significant stage of life. Recently debates have been raised about whether a university education plays a key role in achieving a prosperous life. I personally subscribe to the view that having a university education guarantees success in life in the modern society. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will elaborate upon in the following essay. First off, these days with the advent of science and technology, having academic degrees has become a primary requirement for the majority of jobs. To put it simply, most of the conventional affairs are now carried out using computers and computer-based applicantsapplications, and in turn, universityhighly-educated people are better acquainted with those complex systems. In fact, these people are fostered to suit current employment’s needs. Reciprocally, employers prefer to recruit university-educated employers employees with university education prior torather than non-university-educatedless educated ones. All these motivators urge people to go to the university and receive an academic degree certificate to fulfill vocations’ requirements and find a decent job in this competitive world. A sScientific research recently conducted on the unemployment rate in Japan and Egypt as typical examples of developed and undeveloped countries revealed that more than 80% of people having with university degrees could find a well-paid job in their life. Another equally noteworthy point supporting this opinion is that studying at university provides a chance for people to increase knowledge awareness about their talents and interests. To shed light on this point, university as an ideal place for acquiring broad knowledge and extensive experience can help people to communicate with renowned and experienced professors in several fields of study. Through having such a continuous interaction with educated people at the university, one can identify interests, acquire adequate skills and pursue aims to prosper in life. My friend’s experience is a compelling illustration of this. Through studying aerospace engineering at the university, my friend got became interested in becoming an astronomer and eventually, he did. Had he not attended university classes in aerospace engineering, he would have never had a chance to identify his talents and interest to bein being an astronomer. In summary, contemplating all the points and examples discussed; , I personally concur that getting a university education is vital to prosper in life. This is because it paves the way for people to find a decent and well-paid job in today’s competitive world and also provides a better understanding of own talents and interests for people to pursue their aims in life.
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