Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should require all students to gain some working experience as part-time employees or interns before they can graduate. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The issue here is whether college should require students to gain some working experience before they graduate or not. In my opinion, I believe that students do need to have some working experience before entering the society. I feel this way because of two reason and I will explore it in the following paragraph. First of all, Internship can help students understand what they are lacking for work. In other word, they can enhance their weaker subject while they are still in the university. For example, one of my classmates in college become an internship in a high-tech company. He was really excited at first, but after a month working in the company, he decided to quit the job and focus in the class. He said that not until he went to work did he realize that he is not well-prepared for entering the society. After that, he started to take classes that he is not good at to strengthen his abilities. After we graduated, he went back to the company and got promoted in a short amount of time. Therefore, having working experience is a great chance to let students know their weakness and fix it while they can. In addition, working experience can help students realize how important it is to finish their education. That is to say, students will be more hard-working in the university after they went to work. For instance, my father went to work after he graduated from high school. He used to think that college degree is not necessary for work. However, when he joined the company, he only got a low-paying job and had not get promoted for a long time. After working for a year, he decided to quit the job and enter the college. He worked very hard that time since he did not want to do low-paying jobs anymore. Finally, he graduated from the school and find a much better position in the company. As a result, working experience will help students understand the significance of college. In conclusion, I strongly feel that Internship or working experience is extremely necessary for students before the graduated. This is because working experience can not only help them know their weakness, but also let them work harder for their future.
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