In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.

Today, there is no denying that the way we move about has significantly changed. All these changes are the result of challenging circumstances we face on regular basis. That being said, I firmly believe that in the future say about in twenty years, we are less likely to use cars as means of transportation. I will describe a few reasons why I hold onto this opinion. First, the recent global health crisis plays a significant role. The pandemic resulted in economic instability that only led to poor financial affairs which includethe high fuel costs. This particular type of change has created traveling problems especially for the middle class who are already striving to make the ends meet. The increase in the fuel costs puts pressure on them to travel at a long distance for their jobs. Even those seeking employment, now have to consider if traveling at a long distance is feasible for them. As a result, they are reduced to seeking jobs with low pay near their living areas. These hurdles result in considering a more reliable option like a motor bike as opposed to a car which relatively consumes more fuel. Second, the growing population is only adding to the list of problems like creating traffic and causing delays. Amidst these day to day hurdles, cars are an additional burden that only make it difficult to navigate through the heavy traffic and only c Seeing how using cars is creating issues than providing solutions, people are finding more feasoble options. One particular solution is choosing public transports. Public transport like bus is a far more suitable choice. It offers several benefits from saving fuel costs
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