People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do.

Today, if we comapre our lives to how it was several years ago, we will notice a sigificant difference. One major aspect that has changed is the amount of time we spend in participating in fun acitivites. That being said, I agree with the statement that people indeed spent too much on personal enjoyment as opposed to doing things they should. The reason why I feel this way is described in subsequent paragraphs. First, technology has played a huge role in our lives. Though new innovations have made several things easy from carrying out daily taks to improving communication, it has also made us less productive. With the passage of time technology is being used more as means of entertainment or enjoyment than for accomplishing tasks, making us less productive. This can be explained from own personal experience. As a content writer, there were several occasion where I would often found myself gravitating towards my phone every five or ten minutes to play a game of candy crush. The game itself was so attention grabbing that rather than focusing on completing my work, I would take several breaks in between just to unlock a new level. The joy of completing a new level everytime and gaining points every step of the game would rather keep me away from work, which after a time only resulted in my poor performance and multiple warnings. Secondly, people now focus on personal enjoyment more due to increase in the mental health awareness. Although mental health is as important as physical health, people have have failed to strike a balance between indulgence and overindulgence. This as a result has shifted their focus from other essential aspects of life like carrying out their duties and doing their jobs diligently. My own experience is a great example of this. During my time in university, I suffered from depression, it wrecked havoc not only on my mental health but also on my physical and social health. I became more intorverted and distant. However, one of my friends noticed my behavior and offered to help me. Taking her advice on how I should focus on myself and do things that bring me joy I overindulged myself to the point, that later had an adverse affect on my grades. Although my friend adviced me that I should always keep an eye on unhealthy behavior patterns like watching my favorite movie at the time of sleep, it was my fault that I didn't pay any heed to her advice and ended up neglecting my academic priorities. In conclusion, spending too much time on personal enjoyment might be considered as means of protecting your mental health. or recovering from a burnout. However, when you have responsibilities and pending tasks, spending your time on leisure activites only has negative implications. Technology and mental health awareness play a role. Though they have changed lives for the better, it has made people less productive and irresponsible.
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