Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.

If we ask our elders to compare there lives today from how it was a few deacdes ago, they won't deny that today life is far much easier and comfortable. That being said, I agree with the statement that indeed today, life is comfortable than it was when our elders were children. I feel this way for several reasons which are mentioned in the subsequent paragraphs. First of all, observing our daily life, we would see how communication with time has significantly imrpoved. Back in the earlier days, the only means of communication with family or friends was either through a telephone or by posting a letter. This only made communication difficult especially if circumstances arose where a telephone line wasn't working or when it took several days for the ltter to be delivered. However, today, technology has changed things for the better. It has made communication easier by providing us numerous options from email to video call. An excerpt from my life is a great example of this. My grandmother through mobile phone is now able to communicate with her relatives and offsprings living miles away. This wasn't possible back in her time as she recalls, in the early days there was only one telephone booth that worked on the system ofadding coins and then talking for a designated period of time. This is not the case, today, you only need an internet connection to talk to your loved one for endless hours. Secondly, today, handling health issues is not a hassle as it was back in the old times. In present time, the several hospitals and clinics built at every corner has decreased the rise of health issues, a problem that was more profound during my garndparent's earlier days. That was so because of the lack of enough healthcare facilities. Drawing from my own experience, a military hospital located near my home offers healthcare solutions to all kinds of wellness issues. I frequently take my grandmother there for her knee rehabilitation sessions every once in a week. This has resulted in improved mobility and her overall health. It is certainly clear to see why life today is easier and comfortable. If it were in the early times, it was less likely that anybody would get adequate treatments. In conclusion, with time, life today is far more easier and comfortable than it was when our grandparents were children. Unlike the early days, there are numerous resources to carry out
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