the best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition

Leading a group is not an easy task in this contemporary world. One must have certain skillsets for governing or guiding his/her successors or followers. In my opinion having a good relationship with the peers is much more important than getting a good name from them. I mostly agree to this prompt and I assert this for the following reasons. First and foremost, when someone possess excellent team sprit he/she tends to have a leadership quality naturally. The main quality for a good leader is, being open to others’ point of view rather than planning to impose he/her individual ideas. When the club gets the feeling that a particular person, although being in high post is listening to his fellow members, it is a victory ground for that person as well as the team. For instance, a rotary club during it’s 2021 tenure had a leader who was bossy and lead all the events for gaining a good name amongst the district officials. though the events were successfull the club mates were not happy with how their leader treated them. However, during the next tenure the club had a good and cooperative leader who performed bombastic shows and events to raise money for charity by maintaining a good relationship with nearly every person in the club. If the First leader had not been dominating, he would have also received a good name from his mates. Secondly, listening is a mandatory skill for a good leader rather than working impulsively to gain attention form other like getting the first prize in something. Once famous movie director was totally critizied for making a poor movie, instead of reacting and talking back he stayed clam and gave a huge comeback the following year. If he had been impulsive and in a state of mind to compete with other directors and make money, he would have bashed even more. In conclusion, being a good leader comes only through team sprit and not through a competitive nature.
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