The people we work with have many different characteristics and all of them affect the quality of our time at work. Of the following, what do you think is the most important quality for a boss or supervisor to have? • a serious attitude about their work • a lot of related experience • a tendency to always tell the truth Use specific details and examples in your answer.

Work is an important part of many people’s lives as they spent significant amount of time there. Being a boss or supervisor is responsible task as they are in charge of employees and a success of a project might depend on them. In my opinion, the most important characteristic of boss or supervisor is to have a lot of related experience as majority of people learn during practicing a task. First of all, when you are new to a position of being a boss, due to inexperience you might overlook something or do not know how to effectively solve conflict among workers. Person who has worked in a related field have seen similar events many times, and have had a chance to find the most effective way to tackle different issues. Secondly, being experienced makes you more confident and believable, which can grant employees being respectful to you. In Georgia, it is often a problem that people and workers are rebellious and harsh to young supervisors as they associate them with being inexperienced. Thirdly, other qualities such as having a serious attitude towards a job or always telling the truth is not always characteristics the boss should attain or necessary to be practiced all the time. Sometimes telling a white lie is better for everyone. For instance, if supervisor tells a worker that due date of a major project is earlier than it really is, it can be effective solution for an employee, who often misses a deadline. Furthermore, it can be that some events are less prioritized by the boss so they are not serious about them or they are so experienced that even being not serous about a job does not mean they are incompetent at it. In conclusion, due to experience bringing expertise, and having more experience can make you more believable and prestigious in people’s eyes, I think working in related field for a long time is most important quality for supervisor or boss.
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