Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King have made important contributions to the poeple of the United States. Name another world leader you think is important.

Mexico had a revolution in 1910, due to bad administration by the government. Finally, the war ended up, however, the ambition of power got presidents that never think about people. Nevertheless, In 1940 a Militar won the presidential elections, so he started a plan to connect socially thought of the national revolution. So that he nationalization of petroleum. Then he made the foundation of the IPN, a prestigious university, and he permit the creation of syndicates for workers. His name was Lazaro Cardenas del Rio. Firstly, The action for taking the petroleum from other nations was a mission that proked an Industry revolution. In spite of foreign invests did not want to leave the money of the black gold, Lazaro Cardenas returned this resource to everybody. It permitted Mexico to create PEMEX that is one of the most important factories of gas. Now this company makes gas and other derivatives and give a lot of opportunities for development. Secondly, the country had only one Public college called UNAM, due to the necessity of great professionals, Lazaro build up the IPN. It cheered up all the people and give them new hopes. Currently, the IPN is the third best college in the nation, and this place creates the best engineers. In my case,my dad and my mom got the grade of doctor and it changes their lives. On another hand, Mexican workers needed something to save them from industrial slaves, so the president sent the order to create a worker syndicate that cared about their rights. Then it was called CTM. Despite it being hard, now all people have the opportunity to be represented by someone and be protected by the business. In conclusion. He was an important character in my country, because he helped everybody without any intention of being powerful.
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