Some people pursue career paths that lead to management positions. Other people follow career paths leading to positions of individual responsibility, which do not involve managing others. Which career path are you likely to follow? use specific examples and reasons to support your answers.

In my opinion ,I definitely prefer to go along with the trail that leads to a job that will position me to my own personal responsibility. I feel this way due to two reasons. I will elaborate on my ideas in the next paragraph. First, to me having to handle my own personal problems and letting others to do their own before reaching out to others is an important thing. I am a very easygoing type of person so I like to see my problems fixed by me. my sister's experience compelled for this. my sister has a job that allows her to manage her work herself. she is the one to decide her work duty and to do it in the way that she is required to. so whenever she makes mistake, she takes the responsibility for it. And I believe this habit helped her a lot in decision -making system of her real life. Secondly, managing others does not seem to be an easy task for me to accomplish. It takes a lot of courage and communication skills for me to express the wrong idea that my coworker could give me and correcting that is hard work. and these kinds of repeated activities may tense up our relationship, which I would not really like. For instance, I recall when I was a child that my parents gave me the responsibility to manage my little siblings, which I thought was a difficult thing to do. In my view it is a great thing to have a job that helps us develop self- managing skills and lessons that teach us how to maintain our duties to our accomplishments. that is why I think that jobs that require me to follow a trail which position me to a high level of self management skills are more preferable.
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