Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people nowadays do not give enough time to helping their communities.

I agree with the statement that young people these days are not giving much of their time as needed to the neighborhood they reside in. I think this way for two reasons. I will elaborate on my reasons in the next essay. In my opinion, generation z is very much concentrated on the things that will impress them than on the time they give to give back to their communities. Volunteering in district service is a great opportunity for human life which enables us to learn valuable lessons of life that will come in handy later in our lives. For instance, I used to participate in national service with my mom when I was a child and it helped me a lot to realize my purpose in life and to be more confident, which is also the reason why I still now contribute to my people by helping the elderly. But from what I have seen young people nowadays do not really care for their public. Secondly, even though people are encouraged to participate in public service, there are not many suitable opportunities for our young society can excitedly apply. My own experience compelled for this, last summer I wanted to involve in a state program that focuses on the Environment, but the only available position I could get was for the women's shelter. I still enrolled in the program, but I was more excited about planting vegetables. Unfortunately,I couldn't do so. so I believe that there are also other students like me who could not enroll in services because they could not match their priorities. Finally, I believe that young generation people these days do not give much amount of their time to give back to their association. I feel this way because they are too busy with themselves and there is small demand of need for volunteers. It is daunting for me to say there are many opportunities.
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