Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage.

This article introduces the topic of shrimping industry, particularly the means with which this activity works, that being the trawls to catch shrimps. Trawls consist of nets that are dragged behind boats where shrimps get caught. The main downside of this technique is that sea turtles get caught in the trawls, slowing dying with the absence of oxygen. This problem will be further explained by the speaker. Firstly, the reading passage explains the solution that has been found to avoid the death of more sea turtles. This solution consists of the TED, a technology that does not allow any animal of 10 cm and up, to enter the trawl thanks to the metal barrier. The speaker finds flaws in this statement, as small or mid-sized turtles still get stuck in those nets. Therefore TED is not as safe as the author claims it to be. Secondly, the article focuses on the “Shrimp Turtle law” that has been approved, which makes it mandatory for all the ships to have the TED installed in their vessels, otherwise they are not allowed to ship in the neither in the US nor in Europe. On the other hand, the speaker shows us a different point of view. She goes on to state that, viewing the 10 cm diameter of the TED nets, shrimps tend to escape which results in the loss of profit. Therefore, not only do many sailors remove the TED, but many have fake documents to prove that they have it installed. She proceeds to confirm that it is unlikely that organizations can find out or even check that the documents are real, due to their constant change in different parts of the world. As we can see, the author and the speaker have two different points of view.
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