Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Our current way of life will have a negative impact on future generations.

There is no shortage of doubt that our lifestyle has changed drastically during the last decades, and as it keeps changing, there is no doubt that it will affect the next generations. In my opinion, there are two main factors that are crucial to analyze when we talk about the future of the human race. In this essay, I will carefully explain how nutrition and social media will impact the upcoming generations. First of all, we live in a capitalistic society, based on mass production. From this statement is obvious to understand that 8 billion people who live on this planet, are not being provided with the best quality products on the market. In order to produce such enormous quantities of food, the process needs to be quick and cheap. An example can be found in the production of chicken. It has been proven by different studies, that the chickens are being fed with antibiotics in order to appear fuller, but the nutritional factors are actually very low. The same thing could be said about snacks or pre-made meals, which we are used to consuming due to our fast-paced life. Therefore, we eat very little food that contains the right amount of nutrients for our bodies, which inevitably leads us to health issues such as diabetes, obesity, binge eating and so on. Secondly, our lives have been drastically changed by how we communicate with each other. Technology has made giant steps, going from exchanging letters to texts. Social life has a new form and its consequences are both beneficial and harmful. We have the opportunity to meet new people all around the world, and keeping in touch with them does not require much effort or time. Drawing from my experience, I have met one of my best friends on Twitter, with whom I share an interest in music, and now they’re part of my everyday life. Therefore it is easier to connect with people, but what if this could actually harm our ability to communicate in real life? There is a phenomenon that has developed in Japan consisting of teenagers that are incapable of leaving their rooms due to their preference to live segregated in their house with no social interactions. The only interactions they have, are with those who play online games with them. This might look like one case out of a hundred, but when we can build relationships on the internet and avoid any kind of real-life awkwardness, what stops us from doing so? Finally, I believe that the next generations will carry a lot of weight on their shoulders, from the countless health issues that are a consequence of our life style, to the struggles of living a life that is not based on social media. Nevertheless, there is always the chance to make a change.
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