Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage.

The article introduces the topic of driveless cars stating the benefits of this specific kind of car and how they impact not only our life but the environment as well. The speaker disagrees with the statements that are made by the author. He focuses on the disadvantages of self-driving cars and how they could, in fact, do more harm than good. The author begins by explaining the technology of these cars, which is based on sensors and computers that replace the human driver. He goes on to state how the software is, for this reason, prone to no mistakes at all, which makes driving much safer. Although the speaker disagrees, highlighting the fact that computers and software are made by humans which inevitably will lead to making errors. The author brings up an example of a driverless car that has the ability to drive 700.000 miles without accidents. The speaker explains how this car got into an accident proving the lack of safety that was promised. Moreover, the author has shown the different benefits that self-driving cars have on the environment since there would be less urban traffic and therefore less pollution, due to the fact that the vehicles can communicate with each other. The speaker states that, according to different studies, more people will have driveless cars, since there is no need for a driving license. The obvious result is the increase in air pollution. Finally, the article shows how time can be saved in our everyday life with driveless cars. Since there is no need for a human to focus on driving, there is time to focus on work or answering some calls, especially for those who have to drive more than half an hour, as said in the example of who drives in the USA. The speaker, on the other hand, offers us another point of view. He explains how many people actually enjoy driving, it has become a way to take a break from our daily activities. Therefore, driveless cars will look like another way to work or waste time. As we can see, the author and the speaker have very different points of view.
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