Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All students should be required to study art and music in secondary school. Use specific reasons to support your answer

It is critically important that institutions should give an opportunity to the students to learn subjects of their interests. Personally, I believe that children should be encouraged to focus on creative fields such as music and art in their higher education. I feel this for specific reasons, which I will explain in the subsequent paragraphs. First, Music is a recreational field that acts as a stress booster for students. In order to pursue a high level of education, students often have to compromise their source of enjoyment like singing, dancing, or playing a sport. Therefore, if schools can incorporate a music class as a part of their subject; just like the history and maths class, it can be really beneficial for student's mental health. Drawing my own personal experience when I was in 11th grade, I was supposed to complete my assignments on the required timeline. But due to the pressure of exams and submissions, I was mentally exhausted. At that time, the respective authority in the music academy insisted I join her classes. Surprisingly, at the end of my classes,Ii felt so energetic and refreshed.I had a good leisure time, which eventually helped me to calm my mind and get back to my assignments. This example clearly depicts how important it is to include music as a subject in the higher classes. Secondly, Art is a form of creation where students can represent their thoughts, belief, and talent to the outer world. Modern art such as acrylic paintings,worli art, resin art ,canvas painting is extremely in demand. So, if schools can teach certain art form to their students, it will help them to mold their career. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of thi . During my 12th grade, my school organizeddana "Alcoholic ink art workshop". I actively participated and acquired new skills. Furthermore,after enough practice, I held my own art exhibitio . Fortunately,ireceivedd much appreciation which encouraged me to pursue my career towards it. So, the implementation of such new subjects as art can help students to explore their hidden talents. In conclusion, I strongly believed that the academic curriculum should introduce art and music as mandatory subjects. This is because creative fields can help to reduce tension. Moreover, exposure to a certain field can help students to explore new ways of pursuing their career paths.
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